All Board Members, past and current

NKDF Director's terms of service (current directors in bold).
Directors Area Represented Start of Term End of Term
Dave Merz Fort Fraser 21-Sep-99 31-Jul-05
Frank Read Vanderhoof 21-Sep-99 14-Feb-04
June Clark Vanderhoof 21-Sep-99 6-Sep-01
Alan Blackwell Southside 21-Sep-99 31-May-03
Mario Feldhoff Alcan 21-Sep-99 7-Nov-01
Felix Grant Kitamaat Village 21-Sep-99 6-Sep-00
Kathie LaForge Vanderhoof 21-Sep-99 6-May-00
Bill Stewart At-large 21-Sep-99 31-Jul-05
Janine Elo BC Government 21-Sep-99 6-Oct-99
Vina Starr Kitamaat Village 21-Sep-99 11-Oct-99
Arnie Smith Kitamaat Village 8-Dec-99 13-Oct-00
Bob Murray BC Government 8-Dec-99 14-Feb-03
Glenda Olson Vanderhoof 23-Aug-00 31-May-02
Percy Campbell Kitamaat Village 20-Nov-00 14-Feb-04
Karen Nyce Kitamaat Village 22-Mar-01 14-Feb-04
Colleen Nyce Alcan 14-Feb-03 15-Feb-08
Brenda Janke BC Government 14-Feb-03 30-Jun-03
Gloria Catherall Burns Lake 24-Oct-03 31-May-09
Mike Robertson Southside 10-Nov-03 31-May-10
Kirk Handrahan BC Government 24-Oct-03 15-Feb-07
Ellis Ross Kitamaat Village 1-Apr-04 31-Mar-06
Nina Shaw Kitamaat Village 1-Apr-04 31-Mar-06
Bill McLeod Vanderhoof 1-Apr-04 31-Mar-08
Linda Woodruff Vanderhoof 1-Apr-04 15-Mar-10
Lonny Miller Burns Lake 27-Jul-05 15-Mar-06
Kevin Stewart Kitamaat Village 8-Mar-06 8-Mar-08
Crystal Ross Kitamaat Village 8-Mar-06 8-Mar-08
Paul Stewart Vanderhoof 8-Mar-06 15-Mar-12
Ray Gerow Prince George 24-Oct-06 30-Aug-11
Keith Federink Vanderhoof 1-Aug-07 17-Sept-12
Justus Benckhuysen Alcan 15-Feb-08 15-Mar-12
Harvey Grant Kitamaat Village 12-June-08 01-Dec-10
Tracey Ross Kitamaat Village 12-June-08 01-Dec-10
Rosanne Murray Burns Lake 31-May-09 30-May-13
Bob Clark Vanderhoof 15-Apr-10 24-Mar-11
Mike Robertson Southside 10-Nov-03 31-Dec-23
Leslie Lax Province of BC 05-Aug-11 30-Nov-11
Ernst Poschenreider Kitamaat Village 28-Sept-11 4-Feb-12
Rise Johansen Southside 07-Dec-11 06-Mar-13
Shannon Eakin Burns Lake 07-Dec-11 31-Dec-14
Greg Goodwin Province of BC 16-Apr-12 03-June-21
Dwight Magee Rio Tinto Alcan 16-Apr-12 11-Dec-13
Wayne Salewski Vanderhoof 16-Apr-12 31-Dec-18
John Amos Kitamaat Village 28-Mar-13 18-Mar-15
Janice Baker Vanderhoof 28-Mar-13 02-Mar-15
Shelley Wall Burns Lake 31-Dec-13 31-Dec-15
Ray Klingspohn Vanderhoof *28-Mar-13 31-Dec-19
Lianne Olson Rio Tinto *31-Dec-13 31-Dec-19
Kathie LaForge Vanderhoof *15-Jun-15 31-Dec-21
Jamie Neilson Fraser Lake
30-Jun-15 31-Dec-24
Doris Fraser Kitamaat Village *23-Mar-15 31-Dec-23
Cindy Shelford Burns Lake *31-May-16 31-Dec-23
Tom Clement
Vanderhoof 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23
Kim Stewart Kitamaat Village 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-19
Danielle De Kay Rio Tinto 31-Dec-19 31-Dec-20
Carolyn Leigh Vanderhoof 31-Dec-19 31-Dec-22
Lianne Olson Rio Tinto 31-Dec-20 31-Dec-21
Lisa Grant  Kitamaat Village 31-Dec-21 31-Dec-24
Tejindar Parhar Province of BC 31-Dec-21 31-Dec-24
Devrie Sanghera Rio Tinto 31-Dec-21 31-Dec-22
Craig Smith
Vanderhoof 31-Dec-21
Ken Guenter Burns Lake 31-Dec-22 31-Dec-23
Quentin Beach  Rio Tinto
31-Dec-22 31-Dec-23
* There was a gap in the term from Jan 01, 2018 - April 13, 2018
Nechako Nordics

To NKDF Board of Directors, I am writing on behalf of the Nechako Nordics to share our Success Story. Our club is the Ski Section of the Nechako Valley Sporting Association in Vanderhoof, BC. We have been active...

~Nechako Nordics