Tsee-Motsa Interpretive Trail

Recipient: Haisla Nation Council
Amount: 13223
Date: 2012-03-28
Areas: Kitamaat
Sectors: Community Infrastructure
Strategy: Community Infrastructure
Description: Haisla Nation Council plans to build a nature interpretive trail, including a bird viewing platform. The 2.5-kilometre Tsee-Motsa Nature Interpretive Trail starts at the MK Bay Marina and connects to Handerson Ranch. The trail is a traditional cultural trail used by Haisla people for harvesting plants, trapping animals, and other cultural purposes. The goals of the project are to remove hazards to improve safety, protect the environment, and increase signage to improve user access. The trail follows the shoreline and includes a number of viewpoints on Douglas Channel and Minette Bay Estuary, and it is representative of the coastal rainforest ecosystem. The trail will be for non-motorized use only. It is currently used by many hikers of different ages including walkers, runners, and elderly people. The project includes erecting 12 signs for plant ID and 2 signs at the trailhead for general description of the trail.
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