Kitamaat Water Testing 2003

Recipient: North Coast Biotoxin Society
Amount: 65000
Date: 2003-03-13
Areas: Kitamaat
Sectors: Business Development
Strategy: Planning and Research
Description: Many of BC's Coastal communities are exploring how they can enter the lucrative shellfish farming industry. In order to do so, the area waters must be tested for biotoxins and other contaminants to make sure the water quality is acceptable. NKDF directors approved this funding for a two-year water-testing program near Kitamaat Village that could attract private investment in shellfish aquaculture. The Society with the required expertise to design this project is based in Prince Rupert, but they sub-contract the work to a Kitamaat-based crew and project manager.

The Nechako Kitamaat Development Fund Society came to our aid and assisted us with the cost of installing a fire suppression sprinkler system in one of our seniors’ housing complexes in Burns Lake. The funds...

~Lakes District Senior Citizen Housing Association