Recipient: Haisla Nation Council
Amount: 48194
Date: 2021-03-10
Areas: Kitamaat
Sectors: Community Infrastructure
Strategy: Community Infrastructure
Description: Haisla Nation Council was awarded the grant to construct an outdoor Bandshell with the goal of adapting the arts to COVID 19. The Bandshell will be built on the waterfront, in conjunction with a new Youth Center, supporting safe delivery of the arts in outdoor spaces. Primarily for use by the youth, the arts performed in the bandshell will include traditional Haisla dancing, drumming, singing, story-telling, and other tradition-based art forms. Additionally, youth will present artworks in video, electronic music, holograms, animations, and other non-traditional media forms including modern dance and spoken word. Traditional and modern performance will be brought together in a fusion that represents the future of Haisla arts. The youth are stewards of tradition, while also forging new ground in the performing arts, which will be one of the pillars of a growing economy in the north.
Nechako Nordics

To NKDF Board of Directors, I am writing on behalf of the Nechako Nordics to share our Success Story. Our club is the Ski Section of the Nechako Valley Sporting Association in Vanderhoof, BC. We have been active...

~Nechako Nordics