Airport Lighting and Navigation

Recipient: District of Vanderhoof
Amount: 50000
Date: 2008-10-15
Areas: Vanderhoof
Sectors: Community Infrastructure
Strategy: Community Infrastructure
Description: The District of Vanderhoof proposes to increase the economic stability and quality of life for the Vanderhoof community by installing airport lighting and a navigation system that will allow for 24 hour access to the airport. NKDF assisted with funding for an engineering report for the Vanderhoof airport in 2005 and subsequently with funding for upgrades to Runway 07-25 in 2006 (recommended First Phase). This project was recommended as Option 2 (Second Phase) in the 2005 study/report. This funding partnership includes NKDF, District of Vanderhoof, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Northern Development Initiative, and WD-CEDI Program.
Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

In 2013 NKDF provided seed capital to fund an Accessibility Audit of what would be required to develop the Lakes Outdoor Recreation area as an accessible region in northern British Columbia. It proved that people with...

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