2022 Agricultural Learning Series

Recipient: Nechako Valley Exhibition Society
Amount: 10000
Date: 2022-05-10
Areas: Vanderhoof
Sectors: Recreational-Social
Strategy: Human Development
Description: The Exhibition Society will host a variety of workshops including beekeeping, blacksmithing, beef cattle production, and food preservation. The offered courses reflect industries and lifestyles still prevalent in the region and are designed to help to connect increasingly urbanized youth with the agricultural roots and heritage of their community, placing an emphasis on learning and development in local, sustainable, and self-sufficient crafts and trades. Workshops will be held throughout July 2022.

Dear Board, This is to congratulate the NKDF on reaching a milestone of $10 million in funding for social improvement in the Interior of BC. The NVSA has been fortunate, and grateful, to receive considerable...

~Nechako Valley Sporting Association