Cindy Shelford

Cindy Shelford

Cindy’s many years of work as an Economic Development Officer has allowed her to focus on identifying economic opportunities, stakeholder connectivity, business retention & attraction, and ensuring community investment readiness. She has worked with a variety of; professionals, community groups, local business people, other communities in the region & beyond, as well as elected officials both local & provincial, Aboriginal leaders and industry/investors. She has been called upon to serve as a liaison between Aboriginal Communities and both local & provincial government representatives on various occasions for Stakeholder meetings and potential projects and initiatives.

Cindy has been involved in Economic Development and Business Development for more than 18 years and she has gained experience and knowledge in Forestry, Tourism, Agriculture, Mining and Alternative Energy among other sectors, both through collaborative projects she has been a part of as well as Forums she has organized and hosted and Boards & Committees she has sat on. Cindy has been able to assist numerous community groups and organizations through support with Business Plans, proposal writing & fundraising efforts and connections.

Cindy’s background includes playing a key role in a number of economic development initiatives with BC Provincial Government, Chiefs & Councils, AB Government, Economic Development Association of BC (BCEDA) Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and First Nations Emergency Services (FNESS) on Economic Disaster Recovery Projects and Fuel Mitigation Projects.

With Cindy and her husband Brad raising their boys in the Lakes District, she is extremely invested in North West BC and in seeing the region thrive. She has worked hard to achieve this through not only her professional life but also through her personal life with volunteering in many community and school activities.

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